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Oliver: When the initial bomb went off, you were not below. And when the 2nd bomb went off, you despatched me the incorrect way.

Felicity: I do not question that. I don't doubt you can defeat him. I am terrified that you won't destroy him. Simply because which is not who you are anymore. And I am so concerned that Ra's al Ghul will use your humanity against you.

Machin: Does this necessarily mean you're not gonna kill me? What's a guy gotta do to get a tiny appreciate? Only experimented with blowing up the city. I suggest, 50 % of it. [Eco-friendly Arrow knocks him out.]

Oliver: The sole transfer that Ra's has still left me is telling the reality. You don't know how powerful the reality might be.

Felicity: You faced down mirakuru troopers plus the League of Assassins. Have you been honestly telling me that you couldn't say "no" to my mom?

Thea: We're afraid of factors we don't know. Particularly when we have been living in discomfort this prolonged. It is not easy to even acknowledge the thought of staying satisfied.

Ra's: Well, read more your wishes are now not my problem from the moment you betrayed me. So you are going to marry Al Sah-him. And you may develop into bride from the demon.

Diggle: No, Felicity. That's why he requested you to definitely provide him right here. Simply because if you need to do, the law enforcement will want to know how and why he acquired that wound.

Felicity: Remember to explain to me the nails are classified as the clue instead of what is actually to the notebook's harddrive for the reason that you can find 3 nails operating straight through this factor.

Felicity: And right here you happen to be, getting the blame for something which's not your fault. You are just one illegitimate kid clear of a really magnificent Oliver Queen impersonation.

Lyla: The President requested me if the destiny of the entire world is resting while in the arms of an IT girl, a legal, and two fellas in Halloween costumes.

Diggle: Maybe you can give the listing a relaxation and just enjoy the holidays with your family. Aside from, I hear St. Nick has a list of his have. I wager you might be during the "good" column. Go property, Oliver.

Oliver: Speaking of Tommy, he instructed me that you are currently being incredibly protecting of your respective drawers. [Laurel glares] This is not a elaborate phrase for your underwear.

Diggle: Oliver, if you still didn't have inner thoughts for this girl, you might have followed a unique solution than permitting her extort you into killing another person.

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